The South Asian Studies Association of Australia was formed in 1969 by a network of scholars in Australia and New Zealand who specialise on South Asia. It is the oldest formally constituted body of scholars of South Asian Studies in the world. The Association is committed to promoting research and teaching on South Asia and provides scholars and students with opportunities for international collaboration and professional development through seminars, workshops, publications and conferences


The South Asian Studies Association of Australia aims to build the research capacity of individual members as well as the broader research profile of South Asian Studies in Australia and New Zealand. Members have access to research networks, funding opportunities and prizes and receive a subscription to South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies. Members also receive a bi-monthly newsletter with exclusive information on events, news items, funding opportunities and positions vacant.


The South Asian Studies Association of Australia offers a number of prizes and awards to recognise and support outstanding work undertaken in the area of South Asian Studies. The Association also offers funding opportunities for scholars, students and institutions to promote the dissemination of knowledge, information and scholarship on South Asia.


Stay up to date on the latest news and events in South Asian Studies across Australia. The workshops, seminars, round tables, lectures and conferences organised by the Association brings together leading researchers in the humanities and social sciences from across the world. The Association also co-sponsors and promotes other South Asian Studies events hosted by organisations and institutions throughout the broader academic community in Australia.


The Association’s internationally renowned journal, South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, was founded in 1971. It is the world’s leading academic South Asian Studies journal and publishes refereed articles on the history, society, economy, culture and international relations of the South Asian region


South Asian Studies has a long and distinguished history in Australia. Read about the history and evolution of South Asian Studies in Australia